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Who's This PX From The 80's?

This guy called PX

The legendary PX who I met first in 1985 and ignored, who caught my attention in 1986, who.... yadda, yadda, yadda

Read: http://iheartd80s.blogspot.com/2013/02/february-101986-day-in-life.html

Yes, PX the one guy who mattered so much to me from 1986 up to 1988;1988 up to 1989. Yes, those were 3 years that felt like 6 - double the feeling I had. We met each other when I was still 14 then we completely lost touch when I was nearly 18.

Why are most of my stories about him now? First, because I chose to write about the early years so I begun with the best parts. Second, it just so happened he is in those diary entries of '86. But did you notice, there wasn't any news about PX in 1987 to early 1988? That's because he wasn't anywhere.. missing perhaps, or busy working, or simply decided to be out of touch. Despite that silence, I often thought of him when I watched romantic movies or when I read those mushy Sweet Dreams Novels. But sad to say, and I must really admit, the feeling wasn't mutual. It was not balanced, as my friends often told me. I loved him much much more than he loved me.

Those 3 years were nothing of substance, another painful truth, we only met occasionally and I always had to be sure to watch my back, left side and right side and especially right infront of me- 100 meters ahead, that NO ONE would see us together.

That's maybe the reason why I valued each meeting we had. It wasn't easy. Also that I was always my prim and proper self, even during our college years. So I guess that's one reason why he tired of me :)

Ok, so this is just my simple explanation why there is PX there and why there is PX here. Just a little contemplation why I prefer to talk about me and the 80s.

As Jade in Endless Love said, "you have to let it go, please say goodbye".. I think about letting it go but I refuse. It's not the guy/s or friend/s in my stories that keep me going back to reminisce, but the young me in those stories. Whenever I read and reread bits and pieces of the 80's diaries, I always discover something about me. The good qualities that I never noticed, or the ideals that meant much to me then.

Wake me up, pinch me quick... I am a crazy romantic !!! It's a disease I must get healed from :) or at least let me know that I should just throw all caution to the wind and get on with my blog! :))

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