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I Miss You My Dear Blog! Part Two :)

I really really miss you my dear blog! You are really a site where I let my hair down and feel like there's a party :) I keep going back here, reading and re-reading all my entries especially the old diary entries from the 80's. Yes, I keep doing that every once in while to feel better...

Where have I been during my long absence? Truth, I am always online thru my old Cherry Mobile Flare Lite android phone.. where else but logging on to Facebook. Selling online everything, anything I can think of. I am with Royale Business Club selling health and beauty products. I also sell my only published ebook, a children's book for new readers. I also sell coins from my old coin collection, used postage stamps, used postcards from all over the world. In other words, I've been busy, busy, busy earning a living that I completely forgot to update you, my dear blog... add to that, my personal computer crashed and had to be dumped away. I am so grateful that my sons have this new borrowed personal computer now that I can happily type away with! :)

2016 so many tremendous changes happened. Our family was having some problems earlier that year. The love of my life was wrongfully implicated in a criminal case, and we are hopefully waiting for the court trials to move on until their case gets dismissed. Needless to say, all that made me look at life seriously - so serious - that people would often remind me to lighten up a little "positive thinking" "ok lang yan" "everything is gonna be alright"  ... now, oops, enough of the rant.. haha.. I'm beginning to narrate the long ordeal of the whys, hows and what-not. Enough for all that! :)

Am here to say, I sure miss my old carefree vibrant self looking at the world with rose-colored glasses!
So I'm back! Yet I don't know where to start.. hehe.. what stories from the 80s I should narrate again. Aww, but surely I will get my inspiration back and start anew! *wink wink*


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Presenting "A Day In Life" my series of texts from my journals that I kept between the ages of 14 and 17. I'll be adding new entries every now and then to share all my thoughts, ideas,events, experiences, memories, ideas I had during the eighties. It is for my continued amusement that I read and reread my old journals, even when there isn't much content, I still gain occasional insight how I'm still in the process of changing to maturity. Most of the names have been changed to protect the people I recently found on Facebook. A few are just partial entries, my bleeping and blinding exclamations have been removed and some entries have been modified to give way to my now correct spelling and grammar. Yet the mix of excitement, melodrama and pleasant memories from the eighties are still much felt :)I hope, as you read my old journal with me, you enjoy the same sentiments.