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Wordless Wednesday Things From The 80s Part 1

Reminiscing and reminiscing.. :)   Here are some of the 80s reminders from my kind of 80s life when I was a young kid up to my adolescence in the Philippines. Thanks again to Pinas Dekada 80 for the photos

                                            The payphone we used to drop 3 25c coins to make a call.

The friendship bracelets, or what we used to call the 'wish bonds' 'coz when it comes off on its own it meant your 3 wishes are granted :)

The Music Minus One Karaoke Tapes! My nephews and nieces had plenty of those so I got to sing along with them. My faves then were Home by Diana Ross, Copacabana by Barry Manilow and Don Mclean's American Pie.

 Flat tops chocolate candy! Yey! In 1986 this was a favorite, no wonder I gained a lot of weight.. hahaha!
One minute on the lips, forever on the hips..

Yes, Brown Cow too! It's our Pinoy version of the milkshake ....and my comfort drink

     The old version of NAIA, used to be called MIA. Going there meeting folks or sending them off was a pleasant experience for me, especially since we visitors still get to go inside the building during arrivals and departures..... the feeling of going there is the nearest to being in upstate New York..
The Regal Babies of the 80s. First from bottom row: 
Manilyn Reynes, Sheryl Cruz and Kristina Paner; second row: Arlene Muhlach, Nadia Montenegro, Jackielou Blanco and Gretchen Barretto; Top row: Janice De Belen and Maricel Soriano.
STOP! I'm still having a heart attack over this one! Robby Rosa from Menudo!

Join us on Wordless Wednesday and exchange pleasantries online :)
Thanks to fellow participants of the WW meme: 1. I spy a dragonfly eye!  2. Ann @ Such A Mama 3. Julie @ Momspective linky



from: Moon Costumes

Adult Costumes - 80'S POP PARTY ADULT ML 10-14


from: Moon Costumes

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