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Robby Rosa And MenudoMania From The 80s

That smile! That charm! aww! Robby Rosa was really the hearththrob of the 80s for me, (Aga Muhlach Raymond Lauchengco from Bagets temporarily forgotten, oops no offense to both!) I have a lot of wonderful memories with my personal MenudoMania experience. To the millenials, Menudomania means "Bieber Fever" to you :)

Read my Menuditis back story: Year 1985 of April (April 11, 1985) and I was on my usual summer vacation at my uncle's residence in Makati when Menudo came to Manila for a concert. Much media promotion was given to them care of Vicor Music Philippines. From the very day they landed at Manila International Airport (MIA), Menudo was featured on the primetime news. Personally, when I saw it, I didn't see what was special even when my older cousin said, "This guy (referring to Robby) has the charisma and popularity of the most-sought after heartthrob like Paul McCartney of the Beatles" - coming from a Beatles fan.  I wasn't seeing the connection yet, so my reaction was just "Ah, ok..."

But then the following day, watching Eat Bulaga, they were there again. Watching Robby Rosa singing "If You're Not Here (By My Side)" as he looked intently at the camera as he sang. I was magnetized, stunned, gaping... haha.. I still have no word for it! But Robby Rosa got my attention with the way he sang the song speaking to my heart :) And so that afternoon, and every opportunity possible, I watched Eat Bulaga, The Big Big Show, Student Canteen and GMA Supershow just to watch them. I remember that I frantically scribbled down what Robby Rosa said on GMA Supershow, where we can send our fan mail to Puerto Rico.(haha, understandably there was no internet that time!) 

Next thing that happened during their 4-day visit to the Philippines, we went to this fans day at SM Makati, but missed them as they didn't show up where we were waiting :(  Then we went to another fans day at Harrison Plaza but the crowd was so huge, we didn't get to see them closer :( Aww, that could have been the moment Robby Rosa would sign an autograph and I would hold his hand even for 5 seconds only! hahaha, but I missed that moment... (up to this day I' still thinking,maybe in the future, he would search for this fan in the Philippines)

Unforgettable, I watched their concert live at Folk Arts Theater in 1985! Add more to the story that all tickets were sold out. But fortunately we had relatives working there in the engineering department, so we were given free entry. I wonder how we got in, haha.. it doesn't matter as long as we got in. We got seated by the bleachers, but that alone is already success for me! Yet I wished I had all the strength and charm to walk through the crowd -  from the bleachers to the stage -  to get to Robby Rosa and hug him right there as he sang "Because Of Love"!! I bet the other fans would be screaming! :D

And when I watched on primetime news that Menudo said their goodbyes as they left the Philippines to go back to Puerto Rico, I was one of those fans who cried, knowing it would be a long while before they will be back. I also mean that whenever I saw a plane taking off that day, I just waved my goodbye, hoping they would see me! :)

All the quirks and habits of being a MENUDO fan was in me.... these days now you call it Menudo memorabilia or the archives:) ...  buying magazines and songhits that feature their photos on the cover... buying their records "Reachin' Out" and "Explosion" and listening to the songs to the point of memorizing every word.....☆♪ Like an explosion, my love for you, it's an explosion, my love for you, it's an explosion that keeps my heart beating, that keeps my soul alive☆♪☆♪ .....waiting for MenudoMania show every Friday at channel RPN-9.....

collecting MENUDO posters and hanging them on the wall... (hmm, looking back now I think this is too much idolizing, hehe)

* * *

It's been rare that Menudo news is featured these days. But when I hear of any, I quickly pick up on it and relive my story over again. The closest media we get is of course on Youtube where we can watch old music videos to our heart's content. Haha, then I now remember that I gave one of my sons the 'punishment' to research on a Menudo song and sing it for me. "Please Be Good To Me" was his choice :)

I am inspired to write this blog post, thanks to my niece OD Guzman of Story Behind Your Favorite Song who blogged about Menudo music and a big mention of me as a die-hard fan :) :) : ) she really described me to a tee! thanks Olive!

Also inspired me was Manilyn Reynes' Instagram post last February 2018, and to share how Menudo has just kept me going on with life as I was still growing and trying to discover my true identity as an adolescent (yes, that's what it seemed to me!)

And this Menudo music video of Robby  I watched this morning inspired me to write this post as well - can't even believe I didn't work on it before -  and oddly enough, today happens to be Draco Rosa's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Robby!!!

Thanks to these sources

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My Major Heartbreak Of The 80s

There is a huge chunk of my Day In Life diary series of the 80s that I decline to mention or would I even like to talk about. You see, I've hang on to all my precious old diaries over the years - complete from November 14, 1985 to 1989 - I still saved them all, had them kept by my friends for safekeeping just away from prying eyes (when I'm out of town or out of the country) -  I refused to let go of these diaries from the 80's (thanks much to my understanding hubby who is ok that I still keep them)

So here I am reinforcing that these diaries are so valuable to me.Yet there is one diary I've written in the last quarter of 1986 that has so much torn pages - with just a few pages left saying something about the emotional turmoil from a paralyzing breakup I had then.  And because some of the pages were torn, I could not refer to them for cues. But I'll try to write what I remember from them.

<sorry, photo copied off his facebook without his permission. I pixelated it so no one would recognize him>

Note: when I started this blog, I wanted to skip writing or even mentioning this. Unless of course if I'll be forced to! I got to have my head checked why I'm writing this  now, hahahaha!! And I would have made the title "The 80s Boyfriend from hell .. hahaha now I completely changed my mind, Major Heartbreak isn't so bad after all.

(listening to some crummy songs from that era to un-inspire me : "Friends and Lovers", "Separate Lives" "Alone" "True Blue" "All I Need Is A Miracleeven Stacey Q's "Two Of Hearts" reminds me of that period in my life)

At first, I didn't really like this guy, which meant I didn't have a crush on him so to me he was like 'blah' anemic. But he's the typical ladies' man and I guess a campus crush in their school. Only met him once during the summer of '86 (when I roamed aimlessly with Ate Baybee in the streets of Dagupan because I ditched summer class in May) Ate Baybee was working at a licensed gun store as a secretary in their building. Ate Baybee introduced us together, saying he was the son of the building owner. Major Heartbreak simply smiled and waved at me hello and vanished. End of story and forgotten.

School days started. I transferred to STHS, a private school at our hometown. Survived those first few months in school despite being bullied and still having attacks of absenteeism. I just got by. Lanie and I were still the best of friends. Ate Baybee I still see often.

Then October came by, to my surprise, Ate Baybee let me know that Major Heartbreak wanted to court me. (yeah, I was also surprised... sounded illogical as he hasn't seen me since the last time... me- the gullible me, didn't question why or how) I just went along with Ate Baybee, with her playing the matchmaker :)  But all I heard were "rumors" from Ate Baybee and Lanie that Major Heartbreak wanted to see me. Things just happened so fast that month, and suddenly there he was visiting me at Lanie's house! Ahh, still had no feelings for the dude then. Ate Baybee kept building him up for me - but I believed I was still in another steady relationship - I was still unimpressed.

Then the one thing that no guy has ever done... oh no... he went to visit me at my house, thinking it was completely okay... imagine my relatives and my mom going berserk after they "interviewed" him.. asking me where I met this guy and giving me bad comments that it was so unlady-like to meet boys in the street.

Haha, in my mind, I defended him... he's not so bad, he's from a reputable Catholic school, his mother is a doctor, he drives a car, he is what I considered a gentleman and of course, good-looking kind of a cross between Harrison Ford and Edu Manzano - but not my kind of crush.

There were some minute details that I felt weird about him during those first few dates... he was telling me that we set our anniversary to July 26 (but I didn't exist then, did I?).. he was telling me his plans for our children when we get married, how many children we would have and where they would go to school (warning bells!)... he often mentioned his past girlfriends as being this, being that- I still wonder up to this day what he was hinting at because all along I was comfortable being simply me.

Later on, I found more good traits in him- like being thoughtful sending me letters/telegram, like being concerned about how I often slouched, like being unbearably sweet to me. Come December, I was getting to fall for him completely because of his kindness and caring. Yes, those times were great for us then even when we used to fight a lot. I was the quiet type not arguing back, so he would be the one with all those angry words why I couldn't make our relationship known to all.

I was beginning to be melodramatic and clingy when 1987 started. I was so happy to please him, made all the effort to see him, as promised, making up excuses at home why I was going home late (yes, 7pm is already so late for my mom!) I accepted the scoldings and the occasional slaps in the face for that, and thinking it was worth it. But he was slowly becoming distant and I didn't know why.

Then one afternoon, he kind of hinted that he found a student's ID. He showed it to me but covered the girl's first name. Asked me if the girl was pretty....well, what could I say .."Yes, she is kind of. But 1st year, still young." but somehow in me I knew this may be the clue to his lack of concern for me. So I played along, pretending nothing's wrong. But then when Valentine's Day came and I didn't get any flowers or anything from him, I began to wonder. The girl from that lost ID was his ex-girlfriend and they were getting back together.

As a demo, his sister Michelle did something clever one day, told me to stay in her room while she asks Major Heartbreak what time he's going to visit his new girlfriend. So I listened from the other room, hoping he wouldn't say anything... but he did, and I heard "Around 5 pm, are you going with me?"... ouchie. Minutes later I confronted him but he had this look on his face that he wouldn't admit anything. I cried so much over this but he felt nothing for me anymore.

So I called 1987 a bad bad year because after all that miniscule effort, I still lost him. And the rage I had, I wanted to go and see him at  home to rearrange their furniture!!

When this fiasco in my life happened, it took me a while to just hide and not go out, not socialize with anyone. I felt so betrayed. I don't know where my mind went that time, but I couldn't do anything drastic anymore, having lost all my brownie points. Come to think of it, this was a relationship I kept so secret because my folks knew and were watching out for me during weekends that I don't escape. Then I've been scolded so many many times over my relationship with him and my ditching classes. I went to all that trouble for nothing :(

Things I remember:

  • The signet ring he gave me with RC initials on it. He said he sold his bike to have it made. Back story though, that was the ring he gave his ex-girlfriend when they were steady. Yes, her name is so close to mine just spell it differently. Yes! She's the one he was nursing a heartbreak over with when he first courted me. Yes, Michelle showed her crumpled photos to me and Lanie during our first few visits before.  Eureka! Panakip-butas lamang pala ako, Hajji Alejandro...huhuhu
  • So I remember her, Miss CS...yes, Michelle told me everything there was to know
  • Of course I would always remember  his younger sister, Michelle, who was often with me when he wasn't around. Thank God for her talking sense into me during those moments of misery.
  • The brown Volkswagen with plate number ABP111 - yes I still know, I think I was the daughter of an undercover agent :D
  • Ziggy cartoon character ..not my kind again.. I preferred CareBears
  • The drama of being away from him because of Christmas vacation
  • Those pearl earrings his mom gave me a week before he broke up with me, which he referred to as a bad omen
  • The small talk whether Phoebe Cates was prettier than Brooke Shields, who is really a careful driver when driving in a city, how to make diy bomb from foil with firecrackers, and some other juvenile stuff we used to talk about.
  • His aunt's house in a nearby town where he used to take me when he was on an errand for his mom (up to this day, this house visits me in my dream)
  • "Glory Of Love" was one of the top charts. He said that Karate Kid II was filmed in Hawaii. I didn't believe him and argued about that. Years later I always thought what a creep he was for making me so gullible. But hey, looking it up on Wikipedia now, yes indeed it was filmed in Hawaii! .. anyway, I held on to you Major Heartbreak when you said "I will always love you, I would never leave you alone"  hahaha
  • He said about me of  having a mole on my left shoulder would mean that I would bear a cross in this lifetime. Baloney, isn't it? Anyway, those were his lines a week before he broke up with me. But then there it goes, whenever I go through tough times I remember what he said. Monsters under the bed, just because you believe them. Oh yeah, have to add this one... according to what I've been told, ladies with moles on their shoulder would have lots of suitors. (habulin in pinoy lingo) doesn't matter, I still don't believe in superstitions
  • Now nothing to do with what I remember... but whenever I would meet a guy whose name begins with "R" I would say he's not good for me.
So there, when you get so heartbroken, you still remember a lot of things that you would rather delete from memory through hypnosis or ECT, but they are there..huhu

I've had the time to get up again when I attended summer class to make up for my back subject in Algebra. Summer was full of hope that I would recover. These were the times I listened to upbeat songs to cheer me up. The Final Countdown, Eye Of The Tiger, The Moment of Truth, Flashdance
Yes, even the songs from The Cascades album did that for me. Read Dale Carnegie's "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living" And I made myself believe that  there will be someone out there who loved me still - haha, why do I have to add this bit? because it happened, kind of the law of attraction thing, when I believed there are nice guys still there. I got that inspiration from Five Star's "Rain Or Shine" :)

Those were the 80's and this relationship with him was the reason why I became so paranoid with other guys that I suspected of lying to me. Meaning, I would always have that ESP or female intuition that something isn't right. Aww, I feel bad now...  like I've been punched in my solar plexus! :) :) :)

to give you an idea how dreadfully I looked like during this year 1986 December.. am that girl (far left)
 with white 3/4-sleeved polka dots, red pants and pink high-cut loafers
 photo 3-1_zpse2a271a2.jpg

#howdoyougetoveramajorheartbreak #howtodealwithamajorheartbreak #majorheartbreakquotes #writingimaginarysuicidenotes #reopenoldwounds

To my 15-year-old self, don't dwell on the rejection, it's temporary. The way he treats you does not define who you are, but maybe it says a little bit how he views himself. Allow yourself to feel the pain, don't keep covering it up by pretending to be oh-so-silly. There is a time to be quiet and simply cry it out; you will learn to make better choices in your relationships in the future...not all guys are like him! Don't let this prevent you from trusting someone again. And when you find this love of your life, make him feel always in love as if he won a great grand prize by being with you.

Now, for the best heartbreak songs of the 80s...
Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
Hello by Lionel Richie
Missing You by John Waite
All At Once by Whitney Houston
 Almost Over You by Sheena Easton
 Look Away by Chicago
 Against All Odds by Phil Collins
Separate Ways by Journey
Tell Me by Joey Albert
and get yourself a good cry with Endless Love

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Wordless Wednesday - Our Bonifacio Class Photo STHS 88

From our recent reunion, only a few of us from Bonifacio class 88 were present...

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(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Our Batch 88 High School Grand Alumni Reunion

Hello again, friends!

Sharing photos from my recent high school grand alumni reunion STCS Batch'88 70th Anniversary Alumni Homecoming, photos not entirely mine but grabbed from my schoolmates' facebook accounts.

As you may well know, I love going to highschool reunions. I plan along with my schoolmates and this year, it was all worth it going!

our photo before the motorcade

That's me seated beside Brigida Soriano and Bernadette Santos, my long-lost friends from our third year

Here, I'm not in the camera's focus, but you can see me at the top left of the photo, as usual, speaking to our male high school batchmates.

                                      with a schoolmate, Ms Rose Cuison, an OFW from HK

Story here: I am not in the photo but I took the photo for these wonderful ladies.. this photo speaks for itself how happy and carefree we all were at that reunion, just like old times! (oh yeah, I didn't even get a selfie there.. too shy to speak up again haha)

Here I am seated at the lunch table with some schoolmates. Standing on the right is no other than Rusty (yes, the former bully now my bff)

With our friends here, most of them my hubby's friends

our time to go home at 12 midnight from the Star Plaza Hotel in Dagupan City

Here I am spotted again! That's me, dark blonde-haired one, holding an ice cream cone :) going back to my seat at the table (you can see the logo printed at the back of our Reunion T-Shirt)

Here again, I spotted myself busy texting.. "hey sons, I'm here at such a late hour at the Star Plaza Hotel with our friends" :D

haha, there I am covering myself with a shawl because the air-conditioning made me shiver. That's how comfy it is at the Star Plaza Hotel

this photo was taken during our Grand Alumni Ball

Thanks for the visit, friends!
Join the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today!
It's my April 4th entry, but just this time I didn't feature my hubby and I's wedding anniversary as I've posted about it already <3 I miss him in this highschool reunion, though..

Thanks for joining this bloghop:

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Just For Fun - What's Your 80s High School Stereotype?

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Happy Heart's Day 2018

Happy Heart's Day to everyone!

This song by Surface is one of those songs from the 80s that remind me how "oh so wonderful" it is to be in love over and over again! Need I say more? :) Enjoy the music...


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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! <3 <3 <3

Am getting into my sentimental moods these days and simply want to share this lovely song from the 80s.. truly brings me to tears.. hehe.. it's February 13 and I'm having these #onthisday #throwback music on my facebook timeline and having this best days of my life link sharing.. just find them :here: and here too

Just for today, I thought of posting because it's Valentine's Day tomorrow! and yes, the truth is... I'm just missing someone :)

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Presenting "A Day In Life" my series of texts from my journals that I kept between the ages of 14 and 17. I'll be adding new entries every now and then to share all my thoughts, ideas,events, experiences, memories, ideas I had during the eighties. It is for my continued amusement that I read and reread my old journals, even when there isn't much content, I still gain occasional insight how I'm still in the process of changing to maturity. Most of the names have been changed to protect the people I recently found on Facebook. A few are just partial entries, my bleeping and blinding exclamations have been removed and some entries have been modified to give way to my now correct spelling and grammar. Yet the mix of excitement, melodrama and pleasant memories from the eighties are still much felt :)I hope, as you read my old journal with me, you enjoy the same sentiments.