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80s Movie Meme - Stupid Cupid 1988

Finally got a hold of this movie clip as shared by Magsine Tayo on Youtube. It's a nostalgic moment for me to watch this again. It's a movie I watched when I skipped classes near Valentine's Day in 1988 :) Read Here :)

Here's a short review:
Three stories about love starring three of the most successful love teams in Philippine Cinema. Snooky Serna and Richard Gomez top bill Armando Lao's Forever, My Love. The tandem of Maricel Soriano and William Martinez star in Jake Tordesillas' Horror Honeymoon while reel and real life couple Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera, are joined by Manilyn Reynes and Janno Gibbs in Jose Javier Reyes' Hahabul Habol. Stupid Cupid was directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes for Regal FIlms, Inc.

My favorite episode is the one by Snooky Serna and Richard Gomez because that was me, so melodramatic and a hopeless romantic, but of course, and also because Nadia Montenegro is cast as the rival of Snooky.  

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I Miss You Very Much, My Dear Blog!

Here again,yey! And I miss you my dear blog, so so much that seeing the blog layout on my screen makes me want to hug and kiss you! haha

Hi again, all friends! It's been a long while of me not posting 80s stuff lately as I've been busy with life itself trying to earn a living offline. Network marketing and more trainings took my sched.

Sometime in November-December last year though, I've been having all these happy thoughts, talk about throwback, nostalgia and more! Craving positivity at it's finest, so to speak. OH, if people had known where I spent my quiet moments those months. Sometimes I was at the local park, the beach, the library or even on a public jeepney ride with my own thoughts. I have so many dreams, so many wishes wanting to be fulfilled especially this year! I know and I am sure all will work out better in the end when I get to change my way of thinking. If I can think how I thought or pondered on issues during the 80's, all my dreams, all my desires will be fulfilled. Yes, maybe more so if I write about each and every achievement I get everyday in my diary. Ah... just like my old diary from June 1988 up to November 1988 (this has been missing for a long time, until I FOUND IT!) I was so positive there and begun diary entries with a prayer to God. I ended writing in that diary with the words, "I Love You, Lord!" Now I realized, each entry was something about accomplishments, blessings, love and attraction. I can't wait to share them again this year. I'll be posting them soon as scanned photos of the diary entries instead, and with the translation from Tagalog to English.

I feel that I owe it to my friends and readers- and myself too - to get to work again here. Yes, my dear blog, because I love you a million, trillion, zillion times! :))

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

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My Birthday Affirmation!

Say this out loud with me
I am an absolute miracle, I love myself and I am proud and free to be me. I am surrounded by loving supportive people. I now choose thoughts that make me feel good and I am creating the life of my dreams. I love my body and it loves me back and I only think healthy thoughts. I am so joyful and happy that I can't stop laughing, its contagious and the right people and circumstances are attracted to me. I deserve to be successful. Success is my birth right and I have achieved it. I give myself permission to have money. I am enough, I have enough, I do enough. I am on top of the world and I am going for it. I have a clear picture in my mind of what I want. I can see it in front of me, I know what I want and I know how to get it. My journey is divinely guided. And So It Is!

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Music Monday - Love Bites By Def Leppard

Looking for heartbreak songs of the 80s? I got you one! Here's Love Bites by Def Leppard, who also sang "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" (1981)

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Music Monday - Will You Still Love Me? By Chicago

Yey! It's Music Monday!

"Will You Still Love Me?" is one song I really like up to this day. I remember it being shared to me by my niece Faye in 1987, when it was not even played on the airwaves here in our province. I actually never heard of it except through my nieces and nephews singing it for me. The song was quite known in their La Union province first before ours. I can imagine it's still Faye's favorite together with awesome memories.

This song had a special meaning for me too. It's one of those songs that made me fall in love with love itself.. yeah, not with anyone then. It was a song during a loveless moment in my high school life - on my serious senior year whilst fretting about NCEEs,upcoming college entrance exams and doing good in school. Bittersweet recollections :)

"Will You Still Love Me?" is a song written by David Foster, Tom Keane and Richard Baskin for the group Chicago and recorded for their album Chicago 18 (1986). The second single released from that album, it reached #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava’s Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

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Le Amoure Perfumes From Zoom Unlimited

Hi, all... This is a repost from my other webpage Zoom Unlimited Perfumes

Zoom Unlimited Perfumes are french-inspired and oil-based perfume that offers exciting and long lasting fragrances for men and women. It is the first line of products and current flagship of ZOOM Unlimited Company. Its formulation is 18% pure fragrance oil which qualifies it as Eau de Parfum (EDP) and guarantees longer lasting scent compared to commercially available colognes and Eau de Toilette.

Send me a text message at 09295629471 (Philippines) Each 60 ml bottle costs Php250

Here are existing Le Amoure scents:

F1 – AMOURE    (Bulgari Amethyste)
(calming, cooling, soothing)
Fragrance ideal for lovers. Aroma of love and care.

F2 – TOUCHER DE LAMOUR (Lacoste Red)
( romantic, enchanting, daring )
Scent of love and romance. Most daring and enchanting.

F3 – SUFFIT ASSIZ (Cool Water Women)
A scent for the most loyal and true. Rare and most precious one.

F4 – DOUCE ET SEXY (Paris Hilton)
( mood-lifting, sensual, purifying )
Appealing, one of the best-selling floral scents.

F5 – GRACIEUX (CK One Shock)
Enchanting fragrance that blossoms day and night.

F6 – INSOUCIANTE (Incanto Heaven)
Most fashionable and glamorous scent for women of all ages.

F7 – AFFECTEUSE ( loving, cooling, soothing ) (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue)
Endearing and playful fragrance appropriate for young ladies.

M1 – PROSPERE (1 Million Paco Rabanne)
Most sophisticated fragrance with its noticeable elegant scent.

M2 – DUR ET FRAIS (Ralph Lauren Polo Sport)
An irresistible scent makes every man a head turner.

M3 – FAIRE SAVIOR (Hugo Boss)
A scent of manhood and strength. Aggressive but lovable.

M4 – HOMMASSE (Swiss Army)
A good all year bath and body scent that smells like a real guy.

M5 – MAGNIFIQUE (Sweet Pea)
( uplifting, normalizing, confidence-building )
An all-time favorite scent. Great for getting rid of odors.

M6 – YROTIQUE ( Cool Water Men)
( romantic, sensual, rousing )
A scent of attraction and dominance. Most lovable and pure.

M7 – DEBONAIRE (Clinique Happy)
A scent of fulfillment and joy. Best for lovers of all ages.

Products by: Zoom Unlimited Philippines

ZOOM UNLIMITED is a well diversified multi-level marketing and direct selling company that champions synergy among distributors and leaders to utilize its competitive marketing plan in promoting its quality products.

The company was established in 2013 as a joint partnership. And with ZOOM UNLIMITED’s reliable leaders, qualified core team, and suppliers, the company was able to cement the foundation that supports sustainability and commitments to all stakeholders.

The company gives high emphasis on encouraging entrepreneurship among members by providing quality trainings that spans across sales and marketing, leadership, and social responsibility among others.

In line with the ZOOM UNLIMITED’s corporate business agenda, “Reaching beyond limits”, it is our primordial objective to continuously improve our existing products, processes, technology, marketing plan, distribution channels, supplier relationship, and our people.

Resellers and Dealers are welcome
This is a Perfume Business!!

Le Amoure Fragrance From France

Start your business for only 450 (450 for 14 pcs perfume testers)

No hard selling, pa-sample lang ng scents....
The product will speak for itself! 

You can start this business TODAY!
Resellers 20% Discount
Distributors 34% Discount
For more info contact 
Christine 09295629471

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Earn Online

GoldClub50 :: GC50 banner3
Presenting "A Day In Life" my series of texts from my journals that I kept between the ages of 14 and 17. I'll be adding new entries every now and then to share all my thoughts, ideas,events, experiences, memories, ideas I had during the eighties. It is for my continued amusement that I read and reread my old journals, even when there isn't much content, I still gain occasional insight how I'm still in the process of changing to maturity. Most of the names have been changed to protect the people I recently found on Facebook. A few are just partial entries, my bleeping and blinding exclamations have been removed and some entries have been modified to give way to my now correct spelling and grammar. Yet the mix of excitement, melodrama and pleasant memories from the eighties are still much felt :)I hope, as you read my old journal with me, you enjoy the same sentiments.