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80's Movie Meme : Phenomena 1985 aka Creepers

I watched Phenomena in 1986 at the Quad Cinema in Makati City together with my cousin Ate Edith and niece Faye. This movie was shown in the cinemas just about the time (then) President Ferdinand Marcos declared a school break from January 28 up to February 9 to give way for the intense campaign for the 1986 snap elections. I was so happy to be in Manila that time, I have a long story for that too in my 80s diary, but haven't written an entry about that yet, ha! :D [What 80s diary, you must be asking.. get a few bits starting here]

 As I was saying, we were just as happy to watch this movie Phenomena (a.k.a. Creepers) starring Jennifer Connelly. The movie was our second choice to watch because the queue for the movie "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" starring Vilma Santos and Maricel Soriano was so long.Well, Phenomena was not so bad.  I felt a little bit interested in Biology/ Science after seeing this movie. And I admired Jennifer Connelly's aristocratic character here. Oh yeah, I really like this movie.. and I can still vividly remember the scene where we really screamed our guts out.. so be warned :) I love this movie also because of the memories that go with it. I hope you enjoy too!

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