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80's Movie Meme : To Mama With Love 1983

To Mama With Love 1983 is a most memorable movie I've watched in 1983. It was a Mother's Day themed movie by Regal Films- one movie company in the Philippines that always presents a movie every May. Expect the movie during this time to be starring a powerhouse cast of soap opera teen and child actresses. Movies like these are real tearjerkers, ones that really captivate the heart of the masses and yours truly :)

I've watched this movie again and I am again nostalgic. I remember watching this at our local city's movie theater, mostly 2-3 weeks after it premieres in Manila. How old was I.. maybe 11 years old. I wonder how I got in, being underage and all... oh yes, because I was with my big sister-cousin!

The movie from youtube comes in 9 parts, thanks to youtube uploader thilen20.

 You may watch the rest of the movie from there. Don't forget to leave your feedback as a comment here. Get your hankies ready!

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