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Music Monday - Nothings Gonna Stop Us By MYMP

Welcome to my new blog! It's still under construction for my 80's theme that I surely hope to fulfill all my goals for this week. I just feel so positive and inspired this Monday morning that I can't help it... really nothing is gonna stop me :)) I'm featuring this song from the MYMP rendition. This song is a classic for me. It brings me back to my highschool movie review report in 1987 on Mannequin starred by Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattral. Enjoy the great tunes this Music Monday. Happy MM, everyone!

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Mariuca said...

80s theme?? Oh me too me too, am an 80s girl at heart ha ha ha, anyway love the song and happy MM! :)

Jackie said...

Oh my you two make me feel so old. My kids grew up in the 80's. I am a 70's person.

But, I did do an awful lot of disco dancing at discos when I was young. I love the 80's too!!

I remember the movie and this song very well! Good luck with your new blog and thanks for stopping over and visiting me!

Happy MM:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the first comments here, ladies!

Yes 80s theme is it! Great to know you're an 80s girl also, Mariuca :)

Jackie, funny you say that! Nah, age is just a number. What matters most is how you good you feel within you! Anything from the 80s gives me that momentary cheer and makes me unaware of how old I really am now,ha-ha. I also have a little bit nostalgia with the 70's, most especially when I hear familiar songs that remind me of my toddlerhood in Germany.

Happy MM, ladies! :)

Ian Baird said...

Crikey - What a blast from the past - Love it, and the film it's from. Blog BTW looking good, look forward to re-visiting when its finished. Happy Music Monday RichRed xxx

stevebethere said...

Now this brought back some very fond memories love it :-)

Have a fantastico rest of week ;-)

Mike Golch said...

cool, when I thing of the tune I think of Jefferson Airplane or Starship that they bacame.

Jackie said...

I didn't answer your question about Texas and country music. Yes it is true that most people associate Texas with country music.

But that was before the Austin music revolution took over. Now Texas music is more representative of the sound you heard on my video today.

The Austin sound incorporates a mix of jazz, blues, rock and a heavy emphasis on really strong guitar!!

Happy night!:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new info, Jackie. Now I learned something new :-)

Raine said...

I will have to re-listen to this version since my connection is so bad today. The version I know was from Mannequin 2: On the move. The one done by Starship. I had a huge crush on the lead of the movie two. haha. I hope cable will soon air the first Mannequin movie as I'm curious.

LadyJava said...

I love this song..
Happy MM!

RichRed said...

@Raine I agree with you, Mannequin 2 is quite a good version for this generation. The lead looks good too! Me too, I'm also waiting when they would feature Mannequin movie starring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattral. They were an awesome pair :) In the Philippines,when it was shown in the theaters in 1987, the media raved for this movie. I believe it became a hit back then. It's a feel-good movie that earned the approval of our high school senior year English teacher to suggest it for our movie report. Haha, I personally wonder how I made a good report of it despite not having a betamax player to watch it with! I must've done something clever.. :D

Mystery Man said...

such a quintessential 80s song! love it! thanks for sharing!

Raine said...

@RichRed Listened to it! I like what they did to it. I don't know why critics gave Mannequin 2 a hard time. I thought it kept the spirit of the first film too. It was a feel good movie. Kristy S. and William R. had a great on-screen chemistry that you can't help but root for them. I can't find a VCD of it. I barely managed to get Mrs. Winterbourne vcd copy. I wish there was Mannequin 3.:D Petition? lolz. Someone with the likes of Mr. Gary Marshall to direct or... I can't recall some great rom-com directors at the moment. hehe It would be a totally different set. Mescach (sp) Taylor was such a hoot as the supervisor. I even recall wanting to work in a department store and be a set dresser just because of that movie. :D

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