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Wordless Wednesday - STHS Class of '88 High School Reunion

These were the recent photos from our high school reunion at the STCS 65th Grand Reunion held at Santo Thomas Catholic School

.. that's me with those dangling shell earrings :))

                     .... our class' motto : " Walang Iwanan Magpakailanman, Take 8 and Love 8 Wagas"... It means that as friend we won't leave each other no matter what our friendships are to be treasured.

photo above - as we waited for the truck for the motorcade

during the motorcade, who can stop these guys from enjoying drinks. (and oops, why am I even in the photo just beside them)

taken at the STCS Reunion Party (yes, the guy in green stripes is Daryl, one of my classmates from section Bonifacio during our HS years)

There's my hubby in brown shirt (Yes, he's our batchmate) with friends from his class from Mabini section. I see Marty there :) first guy from the left, he's my friend now too!
..hubby here with a classmate and close friend. With him is Vanni, one of our successful classmates.

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