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February 23,1988 - A Day In Life

Belated Happy 2 Years Anniversary To PX and me!!!

February 23,1988

Hi! Hello! Hay, maybe it will be one week of blackout here and it's so frustrating because I have to review as hard as I can for the coming semi-finals. [I myself am surprised! why did I have to review so hard back then? ah yes, for the stellar grades when I get to college :)]

But I've got something to say that's a semi-good news for me to tell you... I ranked top number 11 in the exam given by the EARN Computer school! Yes,the list was posted on the bulletin board today. I'm considered a half-scholar and so is Shy Boy. [Yes, the ranking meant a great deal to me because there were plenty of us in that batch... not only that, I was just in the B section of the class of 1988] What about the guy who said "Chicken feed!" oh, he's maybe a hundred plus away from most of our class in ranking, including Shyboy and me.

I want to say something important on what happened yesterday morning at the English class. Miss Muyargas came to class kind of sad,mad, whatever. Unannounced quiz, we were given 5 minutes to review. And me who was just quietly observing her, I mean I was staring at her because I wondered why. I was pretending to look at my notebook reviewing, but I kept on looking up at her seated at her table. She caught my stare and I thought she would snub me because of her moodiness, thank goodness she smiled a friendly smile and I smiled back. And just went back to my notebook again, it's not us she was mad at after all, maybe something else. [Miss Muyargas was our English teacher in fourth year, I have high respect for her because of what she was in class. There were other stories about her that went around the campus, that I didn't know then, only got to know when we all graduated.] Ok, so the next was our quiz. After that, she made an angry speech about some people in our class who destroyed her 'reputation' (and here are my guesses: Ninoy, Tricks, Brendon, Sam, Benedick, Ritz and the other guys) and she plans to sue them in court. But then oops, she asked for an open forum and in that open forum she asked me "Christine, what will you do about it if it was you they were talking about this way?" She asked me if she was right in bringing them to court, asked for my opinion in public!

And as usual, I was so s.t.u.p.i.d.- "N-no.."(Why not?)..
"...b-b-because maybe you can still talk to them about the issue.."   (Talk about the issue?)..
"Yes.."  I sat back again at my desk. I was left just quiet again because I really didn't know that to say! [truth, in my life I never eaves-dropped on adult matters including these kinds.. therefore I have no knowledge to contribute in the matter]

I answered without really thinking through. Because I am concerned for Brendon, what if he was involved in this? Ha-ha, so for all that I was shamed again for being s.t.u.p.i.d. Almost everyone answered, "Yes, bring them to court to clarify the issue"

Now, I'm sad at myself, how can I even go to college if I'm like this not knowing what goes on in the world!! Dear God, please help  me with this, where I am always afraid to ask because I think people will make fun of me.

***  And here's about Mr. Brendon [always the trending topic of my diary that time] since yesterday I've been seeing him with Sheila and there looked really happy together, sometimes serious in their conversation (maybe talking about being sorry about their fight months ago). And with what I have been observing I decided to try to avoid looking at him - really to avoid!! But here's what happened at Physics time, we were given a few minutes to have extension review then here came the Mabini section students (the last section of our batch, hey my hubby came from that one) borrowing Advance Algebra books. Rusty was asking to borrow my book but I was kind of lazy to get it in my bag that's why I said I don't wanna. I ignored him, pretending to review seriously. Then here comes Brendon, from the back of the room and I recognized his voice but I didn't tremble anymore, or I treid not to. At the same time Rusty was still prodding me to borrow my book and now Brendon too. They were both so makulit to borrow and I did not answer. One thing I did, because my angel told me to, was to look at Brendon right in the eyes with that sad look coz maybe seeing him this close may never happen again. And do I did for 3 seconds with him looking at me too, of course. Now that's also for the pain he caused me today.  Then I guess he came to his senses, asked Rusty "You're also borrowing?" and of course Rusty answered yes. So Brendon left our aisle to borrow from another classmate. What else do I do but finally lend Rusty my blessed Algebra book.

Ahh, my mind goes bonkers over this Brendon! He just approaches when he needs something,hmp! Better if he's going to introduce me to his brod (whoever that will be as long as he's cute,huh!)

Okay good night, dear diary! I love PX! Haha, there, caught me now... anyway, I really love him!!!

endlessly in love,


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