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Endless Love 1981

Endless Love was an old movie way back in the early 80's which I was able to see during 1986 (yes, you read right!) at a local moviehouse in our province. It's a movie that I watched 3 times that week, I guess. First, awed by Brooke Shields "Pretty Baby" beauty, who in my book, has the prettiest face ever; Second, getting goosebumps by the love Martin Hewitt and Brooke portrayed on screen; Third, having my own personally intense feelings of being in love with love itself. Ask me why, perhaps those feelings were taken from all the tv shows and movies I watched as an adolescent - during the tumultous times in my life.

As I look back now, yah, now that I'm 42, does such love ever exist? Or does that kind of love fade in a decade? Where is indeed the first love, when the foundation has been topsy-turvy from the start?

Thanks to this movie, I'm looking back to what once was, how I tried to find it before and how I found it at last. I pray, may the peace, love, harmony and happiness live again!

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