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Happy Love Day!

Love, love, love! Happy Love Day to everyone!

It's the language I often talk about here. It's possible the keyword that gets googlers here.. what with "I love you..___ 1,000,000,000,000x" written so often. But then that wasn't really love, was it :) It was only what my elders call puppy love. If that love continued now that I'm this age then I say back to my elders, I'm now a mature German Shepherd..hehehe :)

This day is truly the day excitedly celebrated by sweethearts, lovers, husband & wife... and singles even! I have gone past the tradition already, having had so many expectations from Valentine's day celebrations - from the 80s up to present. Exciting times as I remember, but sometimes I feel like I've just gotten the hang of it.  I don't believe in only looking my best, loving my best and being my best on this day, but I believe it for everyday. And, just a secret,haha, I'm not one who easily conforms to tradition that's why. I prefer to celebrate love freely any day. At this age, my point of view has changed from expressing love and devotion blindly to truly loving one unconditionally.

I still love celebrating Valentine's Day! Love lives on! <3 <3 <3

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