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February 13,1986 Evening - A Day In Life

February 13, 1986

Hi!Hello!Hi!Hello! Oh my, I thought I won't see him anymore. Maybe he was thinking of me so much that he forgot the time I gave him to see me. But anyway I saw him still as soon as I got down from the Downtown jeepney ride.

And guezz what he said? "The guy you were with yesterday is just there." I WAS SURPRISED: "Does he know I'm here too?" [silly me, what kind of a counter question was that haha] Then, here comes ES (the scene is complete: we have an antagonist : witch!) ES said in an almost whisper, "Hey, I told that guy (PX) we are cousins, please don't tell the truth. Just say yes, ok?" I said, "Why did you have to lie,  what was that for?" ES goes, "Because.. because.." (truth, I know ES is upset because he is jealous. I just went along with him because of Ate Baybee. Now he lost his chance with me) That's it! Then there ES was rambling on about Ate Baybee this, Ate Baybee that, wherever she was at that moment, etc.. just so ES and I had something to talk about. I really felt bored-to-death on him. I just said excuse me and went back to where PX was, who by that time was talking to a friend he found there.

PXx said everything ES told him. They've been speaking for quite a while before I came. "ES asked me if I met you already today but I didn't answer and asked him instead: 'Why you ask?'And he answered me, that you have a date with him." When I heard,I LAUGHED! PX smiled because I laughed out loud over that one.  He looked relieved to see me happy. [this same moment is what I always hoped for, just the happy moments. As PX and I used to say over the years "I wish we will always be this way.. happy"] 

We also talked about ES' silly scheme. Whatever that was! Poor ES, we escaped from his
 sight! We just mixed through the crowd and took the next bus, never seen again by ES! It was getting dark already as it was almost 6PM. The only seat we got was at the back of  the bus, just by the aisle. The light blue flourescent light above kept blinking every so often, making it dark and bright the next. [I meant this as a good thing before, it felt kind of romantic in my mind] We didn't talk much, just small talk and  just exchanging smiles. I still felt so nervous at times! Then, PX asked me if he had a chance* with me, and I politely replied "Ha?" that was all I could say!  I'm shocked at my own attitude, eh what can I do, I was very nervous already!  [I meant that when he finally said what I wanted to hear, I was dumbfounded,
I was excited but speechless]
I smiled, and just looked at him. (He's so handsome! If Lanie and Betty were here I would have gone boy crazy!) Then, I spoke up again, "Sure." THAT'S IT!

After that, a moment of silence, we looked at each other (just like in my daydreams) I feel so in love I want to tell the world! [in reality, I can't or I would've been in trouble] 

 Basta, next time I see ES, I'll say, "Sorry the other day I forgot all about you. It's been a really long time since I've seen MY BOYFRIEND (take note) again." Surely ES will go nuts! I know he's jealous! What a poor guy... I don't like you, bad!

I love PX! (1,000,000,000,000x)


[and that's the trademark of being with PX over the years. I almost always ended my diary entries with " I love you a million, trillion, zillion times]

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* chance
meant- in the 80s you still go through courtship stage or what we call
the waiting period. Elders say guys should wait years, my older cousins say wait a year or so, my friends say wait a few months before saying YES

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