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(A Not So ) Wordless Wednesday - A Mother's Day Photo Tribute To My Mom

 photo 031a313c-0c79-45da-a332-1a7a154ee44c_zps79b1a319.jpg
Above: The pretty lady at the office
 photo a367f0b7-3739-478c-abbc-47829b06142a_zps7d3769e5.jpg

 photo mymom_zps335c4b86.jpg
Above: A photo of my mom during her early years working abroad. I believe, this photo was taken somewhere in Europe. The girl with her is the daughter of her colleague at the Philippine Embassy.
 photo f8ad7d50-fa63-4942-b1d2-ff5434cd8be0_zps5901ab60.jpg
Photo above: taken in  December 1973, in the province, when our family visited the Philippines as returning visitors at town homecoming.
 photo pre-80schildhood_zpsd38c8570.jpg
Above: when our relatives and I visited her at the hospital, this was probably taken months later after my father and grandmother died, that is, after the car accident in 1974.

 photo b3d5c5ae-b36f-42cf-821c-b720fd1f227a_zps765fb22d.jpg
Above: Photo taken with my mom when I was 7 years old in Makati, Manila

 photo 82dcc863-3d9d-43f1-83c0-e6f803c3d63e_zpsd019f2ec.jpg
Photo above: 1979 me with my mom and grandpa, with us are distant relatives grandma Mina and the cute little girl, Juris. ~I must've been acting up here to make the little girl smile for the camera :D  photo 5de0ad1d-2d7e-4995-9b3c-bab59b26a74c_zps8e56bc1d.jpg
Above: 1982. Me with my mom and my nephew and nieces. I was 12 years old by this time. (standing from left to right ) my mom,  me, Faye, and Olive. Also with us is Bacon, their older brother and another niece
from the UK, Christina.
  photo 536af26c-a1e7-438c-b540-2b57d951597f_zps2f34d1f8.jpg
Photo above: June 1988, my mom with my 'big sister-cousin' Ate Edith. This photo was taken in Manila about the time we were residing in Makati while I was going to university.

These are just a few of my most cherished photos of my mom. There are times I miss her a lot. Every Mother's Day, I think about the sacrifices she has done for me. She was all I had then, and I was her only child. I am thankful for her love and guidance especially during my formative years...
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