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Perfumes From The 80s - Where To Get The Best Deal

I also loved wearing perfume popular from the 80s and I still do up to this day. Friends who are younger have no idea what brand I am referring to, hard as it may for them to guess from their current popular fragrance brands. When I say Poison perfume, they think I am mentioning a bathroom cleaner.. when I say Charlie perfume, they think I am talking about my son Charlie's perfume... when I say  INDRA Perfume by  Saint Pres  , they think of some exotic fragrance from India. 'Oh my, how the years have passed!' I exclaim, I wished I could share them a sample or a whiff of that 80s scent!

Well, now I don't have to look for the perfume further, nor do I have to trawl through the retail shops' perfume aisle to look for these hard-to-find perfumes. You can now find a lot of perfumes that are reasonably priced at Free Shipping at FragranceX.com perfumes. Fragrance X offers even well known branded scents and fragrances at discounted prices. You can get a 10% off with your perfume purchase, you can also get freeshipping offer through FragranceX or you can get the latest seasonal link to avail of the best discounts for gift-giving.

If you have selected the 80s perfume or just the authentic fragrances that you like, you can now purchase them online at a cheaper price sometimes even near wholesale prices at FragranceX.com because of the low overhead expenses that an online store spends on. FragranceX.com can offer great savings on fragrances without you leaving the comfort of your home.Now that's a best deal!

I love the 80's perfumes as well as the new scents we have out in the market. Perfumes are really my thing and what I found awesome right after I wrote this article in 2013 is that there is a networking company here in the Philippines that sells a variety of perfumes for men and women. One perfume I really like from Zoom Global that has that 80-ish fragrance is Ascento Parfum VIII similar to Lacoste Pink. This is how my favorite pink Charmis cologne  used to be, yey! Ascento Parfum VIII has top and base note of blood orange, coriander, jasmine, violet, sandalwood and vanilla. Costs only Php399.00 SRP. This is also a perfume business :)

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