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Wordless Wednesday - Sanrio Hello Kitty Items

Wordless Wednesday again folks! Changing weather here in the Philippines.. the rainy season has begun! Yey!

Just sharing photo memories of our Hello Kitty collecting hobby in 1980-1981. This collecting hobby I learned from my boarding school friends when I was 8 years old in Baguio City.

                       The Hello Kitty safety scissors and the vinyl purse were the ones I had                                                          ( Photo Credits to marinkabozzec of flickr)
                                      The Hello Kitty pendant whistle was one I miss because I lost mine already.

                  And now more of the Hello Kitty nostalgia from what we still have these days...

                         Retail Price: $49.99 You Save: $10.00 from: KimmyShop.com - One Store. Toons Galore!

Hello Kitty Neck Pillow

Hello Kitty Yahtzee Collector's Edition

Hello Kitty Tin Scoop Purse [Pink - Birthday Cake] - $14.99

from: KimmyShop.com - One Store. Toons Galore!
Hello Kitty Kids Umbrella - $14.99

from: KimmyShop.com - One Store. Toons Galore!

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