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February 11,1988 - A Day In Life


Dear Diary!

Hi and Hello! Nothing quite exciting happened today.. I feel a bit bad (just a little - something about Brendon, I think he was bragging/ boasting about the love letter to all his friends) Anyway, here are the things that happened: During our Pop Ed class, I felt drowsy because I didn't get to sleep well last night. I was reading a Catholic Digest comics just to keep me awake, when a guy was walking towards our aisle - I was just reading comics then. The guy said: "Red..." I almost got grumpy at him coz I thought it was Amado (our other classmate, same voice as Brendon sometimes, same built too) He said: "Are you done with your assignment in Algebra?" oops, I was really grumpy when I looked up at the guy, and I blushed because it was Brendon!!! Oh no! I blushed more, and said "Sorry, I don't have it yet" Ouch! Why did I forget working on that Algebra homework!! No!!!

This afternoon, at Physics time, I happened to see Nesty holding my love letter to Brendon (I mean, just the card, not the letter..maybe Brendon is bragging that he's got an admirer this Valentine's Day) and I can't help but look back again, and someone else read it too. (maybe Brendon has been doing this since Tuesday showing the card around)... Then, of all people, Brendon called Marty (my other "loving" seatmate, bestfriend of Daryl). Marty was listening to someone else and couldn't hear Brendon. Finally, I had to nudge Marty "Hey, Brendon's calling you!" but, oh no, I can't look back. No!! Well, I looked back just short enough to see Brendon really interviewing Marty about the penmanship on the card. Haha! I thought of that one already, I got the help of Lanie's friend who wrote the message for me. Is that an advantage, or a disadvantage?

Meanwhile, Mr. Soco - our Physics teacher- gave a mind-boggling seatwork so the class was busy yet still noisy. I heard over the noise, Brendon shouting, "Small Wonder! Small Wonder!" (my fake name in my letter) I didn't look back, not even once. He might know I'm Small Wonder, yaiiks, because of the red ribbon in my hair! I hope he doesn't find out! Ah, ewan! That's his problem, talagang ewan na! What made me a bit bad today, Brendon is not my partner- not even near us - in our JS Prom practice. Ouch! Okay, good night!


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Presenting "A Day In Life" my series of texts from my journals that I kept between the ages of 14 and 17. I'll be adding new entries every now and then to share all my thoughts, ideas,events, experiences, memories, ideas I had during the eighties. It is for my continued amusement that I read and reread my old journals, even when there isn't much content, I still gain occasional insight how I'm still in the process of changing to maturity. Most of the names have been changed to protect the people I recently found on Facebook. A few are just partial entries, my bleeping and blinding exclamations have been removed and some entries have been modified to give way to my now correct spelling and grammar. Yet the mix of excitement, melodrama and pleasant memories from the eighties are still much felt :)I hope, as you read my old journal with me, you enjoy the same sentiments.