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February 17,1986 Evening Part 2 - A Day In Life

Evening 9:30PM
Hello. I can't sleep because I think I have to analyze some things very well.

I can't forget what PX said "I'm really in love with you." He gently held my hand. I beamed with joy! I wanted to say something really witty. I almost wanted to hug him! oh no, that's an oops. You know, when we look at each other, I feel like the earth just stops going around, that the clocks stop ticking. I feel like something special would happen - (what? What's that?) Maybe there's only 7 inch distance between me and PX when we look at each others face. I'm super in love! He's the most super guy I've been with so far and a Robby Rosa look-alike even!

But, there's still a problem - no, not that situation again! - it's ES the second (this other guy from the next street), wants to court me too. Oh no! Why just now when I will now have an official boyfriend?! Why is it when a lady has a boyfriend, that's when her past crushes get interested in her now? Yes, that was me with a lot of crushes and boy-crazy! But since Ralph came to my life, I tied my heart and mostly fixed my eyes on books. But still became physically absent and mentally present in class. [if there was such a word, I must've been exaggerating]

Ah, I love him! Good night,PX!


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Presenting "A Day In Life" my series of texts from my journals that I kept between the ages of 14 and 17. I'll be adding new entries every now and then to share all my thoughts, ideas,events, experiences, memories, ideas I had during the eighties. It is for my continued amusement that I read and reread my old journals, even when there isn't much content, I still gain occasional insight how I'm still in the process of changing to maturity. Most of the names have been changed to protect the people I recently found on Facebook. A few are just partial entries, my bleeping and blinding exclamations have been removed and some entries have been modified to give way to my now correct spelling and grammar. Yet the mix of excitement, melodrama and pleasant memories from the eighties are still much felt :)I hope, as you read my old journal with me, you enjoy the same sentiments.