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February 12,1986 - A Day In Life

February 12, 1986

Hello!Hello!Hello! I saw PX today!!! Yeheyy! It felt like the world just stopped, and it felt like I could hear Robby Rosa singing "Like An Explosion" over the crowd!

(exact spot of the bus stop where I found him again)Thanks to flickr for the photo

Same story like yesterday, I was with ES again waiting for Ate Baybee. We both crossed the road toward Philippine Lumber to wait for the incoming buses going back to YBTTC*. We were waiting for the next bus then, and still talking. ES began by asking me if Ate Baybee said anything about him, I felt unsure where it was leading to,so I just said "None." (then I just looked the other way) Who did I see a little bit further?! There was PX!!! We both smiled and walked toward each other, and ES was gone in a flash!! would you believe that?! [Yes, when you're in love with love, everything just stops. All you can see is the object of your affection. :) ES was gone? Hmm, I don't think so, I think I was just rude not to tell him to wait a sec]

So PX and I just talked, about what's the latest. PX said.. 'that I'm his crush' and he will see me tomorrow at school!!!!

So I beg you, pleez gimme a vacation to keep you coz we are in danger of my mom and you might fly all my secrets away. See you!! [Yes, after all that time, my mom saw me hiding my diary in a secret place I marked hidden wealth, hahaha, it's a Marcos election terminology]


*What's YBTTC? It's my own term for our sleepy town stands for "You Belong To The City" (shrugs) I don't know why :)

*Who's this PX from the 80s? Visit here
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