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February 7,1986 - A Day In Life

Friday 010786

February 7,1988

Hello! It's election day today and I hope Cory Aquino will win as president in the 1986 elections.
I have my own polls. What my heart says. I don't know whom I really am interested in, is it Ralph? or PX? Naku ha, PX's last name is the same as Tita Cory's!

But I really feel something is wrong with this situation coz it seems 2 people will get hurt if, etc.
and 2 people will also be happy if,etc. But still we are three in all. But who? who? who?

If it's Ralph I choose, I love him so much, he looks like Robby Rosa, he's a great basketball player, he makes me nostalgic because he lives quite far in Tuguegarao, he is intelligent ( I heard), he likes me but he never said anything about going together at all. I'm not even sure if he has a girlfriend already. I'm not that beautiful and charming for him maybe. If he isn't in a relationship yet, does he love me? (no.) But I like him very much because I got used to being a crybaby always wanting to hear news about him. I always remember him for the song "Because Of Love" by Menudo. So, Ralph pa rin? [term taken from "Marcos Pa Rin"]

If I chose PX, he is just near and he likes me also. I've got mature minds as bridges / matchmakers. PX is good, honest, frank,etc. That makes him great for me but well, should I say: SOBRA NA, TAMA NA, PALITAN NA! (?) [this term taken from Former president Cory Aquino's 1986 election slogan]

So let's just wait and see and analyse. Won't choose the wrong way. If Marcos wins, I choose Ralph or if Aquino wins, I choose PX... hahaha, wrong. "I've got 50 advisers whom I haven't heard in my entire life, malabo, kaya for Mindanao, for my family back home in the farm - Marcos-Tolentino"
[term again gotten from a Marcos election advertisement. My apologies, I was a very hyperactive 14 year old with a very short attention span just to be funny :))]

ok, give me one day to analyse! GAME!

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[Ralph is a real person who resided in Tuguegarao, but he was never my friend, not even close. He was like an imaginary friend that I wished I knew up close. All the info I knew were those few details my younger cousins Lara and Dingdong tell me about. Truth, I do not exist in Ralph's world ;'( - but hey, he's on facebook! haha]

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