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February 10,1988 - A Day In Life


Dear Diary,
Sorry about being absent for more than a week. [what an excuse letter expert I was then] I was busy on that Thursday and Friday about my luv letter to Brendon and on that Saturday I was worrying if I'd still send it and I worried about it and I didn't have time to write/report all the important events here. And on that Sunday, I was suddenly asked to go to Manila to report at the Deutsche Botschaft. And I forgot to bring you, dear diary, with me.. sorry, ha?

Well, first.. here we go with the dreams I had when I was in Manila... on that Sunday night, I dreamt of Brendon and Sheila. They were friends already and they were very happy, as happy as the closest friends. But in my dream, Sheila only wanted a cigarette from Brendon!.. how bizarre... But this morning, I overheard Sheila talk about Brendon, about the words he wrote on the our classroom wall [highschoolers are known for this bad habit] on the next Monday night, I dreamed of Dean* and his real girlfriend (according to Dess). Dean's girlfriend went to our room and told me there are some people backbiting me and Dean is defending me (WOW,Ha!) ... And here's what happened in reality between Dean and me is that he greeted me hello as we passed by each other at the Practical Arts building, and when we passed by each other in front of the plaza. I just smiled sweetly but I looked down because I felt shy.

And well, what happened on that Monday... first, Ate Edith, my mama, Matt and I went to the Deutsche Botschaft and as usual, Matt was acting silly. Why? when we took the elevator he acted funny and said there was an earthquake! (haha) Oh yah, we got a problem at the embassy because I had no ID with me so I've got to go back this Saturday (so by Valentine's Day I won't be here in the province)... Then after we went to the embassy, we headed to Bank Of America next.

Matt was acting sillier this time because of the automatic swinging doors - you know, the ones you just step on and it opens by itself. [yes, during the 80s automatic swinging doors was a novelty] Here goes Matt, gaping at every person that passes through the door. Ay probinsyano! Hay!

.... Afterwards, we all went to the SM Food Center at SM Makati and then we went shopping! Later we went home to rest a little. By late afternoon, Ate Edith and I went to the movies at Greenbelt Cinema (my most favorite cinema house with the romantic lover's lane, the most American McDonald's and remember my 2nd year high school days 012786?) We watched the movie "Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos" starring Vilma Santos, Gary Valenciano, Eric Quizon and Miguel Rodriguez. This movie made me cry, especially when I heard the song "Sana Maulit Muli" can't help but think of PX and how I miss him. Maybe it's because PX is a huge fan of Gary V.

The next day, Ate Mimie accompanied me at the University Of Santo Tomas UST for my application for entrance exam. I chose BACHELOR OR ARTS IN HISTORY and BACHELOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION MAJOR IN HISTORY. Ate Mimie took me around the UST campus since it's the university she went to and is most familiar with. She said the school is not what it looks like, the students there have an easy-go-lucky attitude, the guys are bolero, the ladies are vain but still studies must be taken seriously. Hmm, I like the school.. I love the old Spanish buildings, the facade looks the same as ours in my high school Santo Tomas here in the province. Isn't this how buildings in Puerto Rico look like? hahaha having thoughts of Robby Rosa again! Hay, I hope I pass the exam...

Okay, so this morning at school, Brendon kidded me he's borrowing ten bucks sana. I smiled/frowned, haha. He went at the back of our room and announced: "Who's got ten bucks, lend me please!" then after a while he called my name again but I tried so hard not to look back because I was busy with our assignment. Besides I didn't know if he received the love letter na. On this afternoon, though, I found out he got it already. Saw his name written on the blackboard by the principal's office for the mail. Oh.. but I haven't seen him this afternoon because he was absent.

So that's the latest report for today. I'm closing this entry with Richie Valens' "C'mon Let's Go!"
Good night....


[Who's Dean? That's Brendons's younger brother who was the campus crush. I didn't really know him :)]

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